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How to use SHA256 checksum file to confirm data
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Confirm your download is correct by comparing the SHA256 checksum value of your download with the value LinkUp provides. The instructions below explain how to check the checksum value.


1)   Download the target file and accompanying SHA256 file.
2)   Open the provided SHA256 file and note the value.
3)   Open command prompt on your device and change directories to the location saved the downloaded file.
4) See command based on operating system:


Linux $ sha256sum filename.csv
Windows certutil -hashfile filename.csv SHA256
Mac shasum -a 256 filename.csv

As an alternative to using the file name you can also use the file path.


5)  Compare the output to the value provided in the SHA256 file. The value should match which indicated an identical file. Use a notepad and the Find (CTRL + F) to confirm the value matches the SHA file.



Another option is to check the SHA file on the CLI. To do this, make sure both the target file and SHA file are in the same directory:


Use this command on Linux: 
sha256sum -c checksum_file_name.csv.gz.sha256

The result is:
checksum_file_name.csv.gz: OK

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