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Client Scrape Request Guidelines
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Clients are welcome to send LinkUp Support a list of companies they would like to see included in our data. That being said, when requesting more than just a few companies at once there are some general guidelines we strongly encourage in order to make a turn-around as quick, efficient, and accurate as possible.


  • When identifying companies to be scraped, the most useful data point is the web address to the company's home page.
    • Company name and careers portal URL are nice to have, but are still secondary to a home page URL and not strictly necessary.
    • Other company identifiers (e.g. tickers) are unnecessary as they tend not to stand well on their own and largely aren't used by the support team when working on the request.
    • In the event we've had a working scrape for a company in the past and you happen to know the LinkUp company_id for it, that is an excellent data point to use instead of a company home page URL.
  • For faster turnaround, we highly recommend submitting lists of companies to be scraped in either .csv format or a spreadsheet.
    • If only home page URLs are being provided, simply including them as a line-separated list in the body of a message is acceptable.
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