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ONET-SOC and Job Market Data
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ONET-SOC Overview

Onet is the primary source for standardized occupation information in the US for over 1,000 occupations covering the entire US Economy. The O*Net-SOC is a taxonomy that defines the set of occupations. As the occupations change over time, the taxonomy has revisions made periodically. To learn more about O*NET-SOC code, please visit their website


O*Net-SOC and LinkUp Job Market Data

LinkUp uses a 3rd party software to match O*Net-SOC codes to our job records data (using both job titles and descriptions) to achieve 85% or greater matching accuracy. This allows our data to be categorized into occupations. Job titles and descriptions that are not predominantly written in English are not processed through the 3rd party software and do not receive an ONET code assignment. 


March 2022 update: LinkUp has implemented ONET 2019 Taxonomy which supports ONET databases 25.1 through the latest release, 26.1. The 2019 Taxonomy will be delivered separate from job records files which you can read about here. More information on O*Net-SOC taxonomy can be found on their website


As of April 2022, the ONET code coverage on our job records are:
99.84% 2010 coverage of ONET codes in RAW records
99.93% 2019 coverage of ONET codes in RAW records

If you exclude 99-9999.00 codes:
96.14% coverage of ONET codes for RAW records
96.74% coverage of ONET codes for RAW records


This occupation code is extremely beneficial for the analysis of our job market data and can help answer questions such as:

  • What companies are hiring for a specific type of occupation?
  • What are the most common jobs technology companies are hiring for currently?
  • Create a time series to observe what the most common jobs were that either a specific or group of companies were hiring for?


Here's a sample of Company / ONet-SOC code aggregation for Target:

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