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LinkUp Data S3 File Access
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Before you Begin


AWS S3 access must be set up for your organization by LinkUp Support before you can access files via S3.  See the KB article LinkUp Data S3 File Access Set Up Process for more information.


You should have received an AWS IAM role from LinkUp Support that you can assume in order to access the files in S3.  Note that your AWS administrator will have to grant your AWS IAM user access to use this role.  The role name is in the form:



S3 Buckets

There are 2 buckets where files reside on S3:

  1. lu-jde-delivery - contains LinkUp data files until they are 60 days old.  This is the bucket you should be downloading your files from on an ongoing basis.  Note that only files that are part of our RAW 2 package offerings are kept beyond 60 days.
  2. lu-jde-delivery-archive - contains all RAW 2 files for all time.  You must request access to this bucket if you need to get files from it.  Access is granted only for a short amount of time in order for you to download the files you need.


File Paths for lu-jde-delivery


You should keep copies of any files you download from LinkUp if you will need them on an ongoing basis.  We provide the files to you with the assumption you will copy them to your own storage for your own internal use.  We provide access to files in S3 for 60 days.  After 60 days only the RAW 2 packages files are kept in an archive.  All other files are permanently deleted.


You are allowed to list all the prefixes (aka. directories) in the S3 bucket.  However, you will only be able to download files you have access to based on the RAW 2 packages you have licensed.


RAW 2 Package Bucket/file_path
RAW 2 Analytics lu-jde-delivery/JDE/Standard/MarketReports/Reports/Core_Company_Analytics/*
RAW 2 Jobs & Descriptions

lu-jde-delivery/JDE/Standard/Feeds/Raw Daily Job Records And Descriptions v2/*
lu-jde-delivery/JDE/Standard/Feeds/Raw Full Job Descriptions/*
lu-jde-delivery/JDE/Standard/Feeds/Raw Full Job Records v2/*

RAW 2 Reference Files

lu-jde-delivery/JDE/Standard/Feeds/FS Daily Company Reference/*
lu-jde-delivery/JDE/Standard/Feeds/Raw Daily Company Scrape Log/*
lu-jde-delivery/JDE/Standard/Feeds/Raw Daily PIT Company Reference/*
lu-jde-delivery/JDE/Standard/Feeds/Raw Full Company Scrape Log/*
lu-jde-delivery/JDE/Standard/Feeds/Raw Full PIT Company Reference/*
lu-jde-delivery/JDE/Standard/Feeds/Raw Full PIT Ticker Reference/*
lu-jde-delivery/JDE/Standard/Feeds/ONet Taxonomy 2010 Daily/*
lu-jde-delivery/JDE/Standard/Feeds/ONet Taxonomy 2019 Daily/*
lu-jde-delivery/JDE/Standard/Feeds/ONet Taxonomy 2010 Full/*
lu-jde-delivery/JDE/Standard/Feeds/ONet Taxonomy 2019 Full/*

Organization Specific Files1


1. Organization  Specific Files are custom files generated just for your organization.  They are not part of a standard RAW 2 package.  The ORG-UUID is a UUID that will be provided to you by LinkUp Support if you have licensed any custom files.

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