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Scrape Runs: Frequency, Duration, and Timing
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Frequency: How Often Do Scrapes Run?

By default, a scrape runs once every 48 hours after the previous scrape run has completed. There are, however, a few specific exceptions to this rule.

  • Scrapes for S&P 500 companies and their subsidiaries have a run frequency of every 24 hours
  • A very small number of scrapes have their frequency lowered to 168 hours (one week) to avoid volatility issues


If a scrape does not fall under one of these four aforementioned exceptions, assume it has the default 48 hour frequency.


Duration: How Long Does It Take A Scrape To Run?

How long a scrape can take to run from start to finish varies astronomically and most of the factors are not something we can control. The following is a list of some—but not all—variables that can affect scrape run duration.


  • How many jobs are there?
  • Are the jobs embedded in the page itself or being loaded in via API?
  • Are all the jobs on one page or multiple pages?
    • If multiple pages, how many pages are there?
    • If multiple pages, how many jobs are on each page?
  • Are the jobs split between multiple "portals" based on industry/category/location?
    • If so, how many different ways are the jobs split?
    • If so, are the different portals using the same ATS/solution or different ones?
  • Are we capturing the jobs with pattern matching or decoding another format such as XML or JSON?
  • Is the scrape running Full each time or Delta?
  • Does scraping the site require us to use a proxy?
  • Are the jobs on the employers website itself or are they using an ATS?
    • If they're using an ATS, which one are they using?
  • Does the site have issues with stability or receiving lots of page requests in a short period of time?
  • Is the site under maintenance?
  • What's the turnover rate on the company's listings?


Timing: When Do Scrapes Run?

There isn't a specific time when any given scrape will run. Also, as can be extrapolated from the two previous sections, the precise time a scrape runs is likely to change from day to day. Given that the next scrape run starts a number of hours after the previous run completes and how long the scrape takes to run can be anywhere from a matter of seconds to multiple hours, it may vary wildly.

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